Thursday, January 27, 2011

Suburban Cowboy

"Tex" Lowenstein: cowboy by night, Novi, Michigan area shoe clerk by day.


Wings1295 said...

That looks like Michael Nader, from Dynasty.

Wings1295 said...

And you know, blue suit with cowboy hat and ascot is one thing. But adding a floral print shirt is a while 'nother thing.

Tampadad said...

Gonna have to quote family guy...

"Well there once were two cowboys
all alone out on the trail
And they discovered they could sleep with another male
Now their having gay sex
Cowboy gay sex

He is like a cross between Freddie, McMillan and McCloud

Alphacentaurian said...

Just like a leisure suit cowboy

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is TR.

Let's see: I take my small cowboy hat, and add it to [my suit from Don Knotts in Three's Company], and now I'm the coolest guy around!


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