Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Awkward Kitten Round Up

One of the more recent things I've noticed in Catalogs is the use of Kittens as props, sometimes it's used to convey a message of warmth to the consumer. Take this gentlemen above, the Kitten conveys his gentle 70s side, don't you just want to squeeze him? The cat looks to be very underwhelmed.
Photo number 2 is a mystery, obviously these nighties are meant to be attractive and alluring as a Sandy Duncan haircut can be but what the hell kind of message is being conveyed by a basket of strays? Pets are an audience in the boudoir so I imagine these women belong to some sort of cult and the kittens are a sacrafice to their God/Husband "Manos". Yeah, that's it for sure....


Tex said...

The one at the top needs a LOLCat caption.

("Hang in there, baby!")

Dancin' Homer said...

In those days it was called "the Sandy Duncan", these days it's "the Justin Beiber".

PS - Manos, indeed - the Master will definitely be pleased with these ladies

Anonymous said...

Isaac from The Love Boat!


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