Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stuff I saw at a toyshow

I got up waaaay too early this morning to check out a toyshow, I go to toyshows regularly despite the fact that I almost never make a purchase. It's more of the experience of being in a room full of neat stuff, thought I'd start sharing. My phone has a camera and as you can see, it sucks, sorry:

I was shocked to find three Ideal Scare Cycles in such nice shape, I kind of think the dealer was shocked I knew what they were. I should have gone home with that Dracula, I'm an idiot.

There must have been a small find of these Evel Knievel sets because every other dealer seemed to have one, it was pretty crazy to see that many MOC in such a small space.

Ah Mego Kristy McNichol! In my younger days I'd have taken you home, dealer was willing to go down to $25 and I still passed.

This comic display took me to a happy, happy place...

Oh how the mighty have fallen, Playmates Star Trek were the absolute BOMB in the mid 1990s and it seems like every single collector just gave up at once.

This $80 boxed Mego Fonzi was probably double it's street value but it was the Canadian version which made my OCD senses tingle but I resisted, as usual...

More Toyshow hijinx soon and I promise to bring a better camera...


MegoScott said...

You are so vintage your cell phone camera was made by Polaroid.

Arkonbey said...

I actually have a real comic book spinner. (longish story). It's full of comics including two (nowhere near mint) issues of the Star Wars comics (one is the cheesy Magnificent Seven-esque issue with Han Solo and the "Starkiller Kid" ). Also, a Battlestar Galactica comic and the two Indiana Jones movie adaptations (also nowhere near mint. I READ my comics).

I agree with MegoScott. Is there an iPhone app for making blurry vintage looking photos?


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