Friday, January 21, 2011

1979 Wham-O Toys Catalog

It's that time of the year where many of us begin to pine for warmer temperatures and sunny days. What a perfect time to showcase the efforts of Wham-O a company that thrived on such things with a creative and very colourful line up of items.

Wham-O stuff was always easily identified, the company had some neat-o stuff and I'm happy to showcase it.

Click here to visit the 1979 Wham-O toys catalog.

And if you like Wham-O , check out this amazing book on Amazon. It's the recipient of the 2009 Plaidstallions Retro Awards for best book.


Anonymous said...

My friends had the Air Blaster, the target was a neat idea in that it was a picture printed on mylar that had been cut into strands, then affixed into a cardboard diorama like a curtain. When you shot the burst of sir into it the picture would explode in a sparkly gust, then settle back into the picture - although you always had to finagle a few strands into position.

The gun was also fun when you started experimenting with water, smoke, fire and other things.

millslite said...

Our friends had the SuperElastic Bubble Plastic...pretty sure these were outlawed because of the fumes from the plastic and the fact teenagers would use the straws for "huffing"


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