Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guitars of the Stars

The good people at Hakes Americana have a new auction running and this time there is a weath of licensed guitars, some very logical like this ShaNaNa model above and some that are a little more absurd but fun. More photos after the jump:

Did the Sweathogs ever pick up instruments? It doesn't matter, as a child you could strum away on the smiling face of Vinny Barbarino, I'm holding out for a xylophone with the image of Beau De Labarre...

Another one that makes sense for the time, they weren't exactly hard rock but the Bee Gees were HUGE. I personally preferred KISS at the time but I held no umbrage for the Gibb brothers.
I'm seriously condsidering bidding on this.

Hakes Auction #202 runs until February 02, click here to check out the thousands of cool pop culture items.


Alphacentaurian said...

I was thinking that Bee Gees guitar was pretty boss,

Until I saw that Village People guitar...

That is the most awesome thing in the universe!

Dancin' Homer said...

Pls excuse my son from appearing on your package, there's a guitar neck in front of his face.

Epstein's Mother

Heart Centered Psychic said...

And I find these where???

I want them. More than that? I need them!


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