Friday, March 05, 2010

Super Joe Toy Gallery

Created a new gallery for that often forgotten era in G.I. Joe's history known as Super Joe, the era when Joe got shorter and was blasted off into the distant future to do battle with "Gor King of the Terrons" (incidentally, Gor was only the second villian Joe ever had but not the first alien).

The Gallery features production drawings and early advertising along with shots of Super Joe items from around the world:

In the UK, Joe was called "Commander Power" but Terron was marketed as an enemy for his 12" doppelganger "Action Man".

In Mexico, Joe was called "Siglo XXX" (which translates into XXX Century) and he was marketed alongside his 12" counterpart. Finding these in the original Lily Ledy display boxes are a task and a half.

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Anonymous said...

Gor kind of looks like The Kraken.


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