Friday, March 12, 2010

LJN V Toys Catalog

"V" was an early 80s TV sensation, the brain child of Kenneth Johnson (responsible for the Six Million Dollar Man and the Incredible Hulk series) , V was a parable about facism wrapped in the amazing trappings of science fiction.

The original mini series were a ratings smash, so by the time a weekly series rolled around (Johnson bailed by this point) it made sense that toy makers were clamouring to get themselves some lizards. Sadly, the series was less than spectacular and LJN didn't roll out their entire V line for 1985 (save for the 12" doll). Below is a sad glimpse of what might have been.

Check out the 1985 LJN V catalog here

Other Unproduced Toy Lines



Ken Reid said...

The 12" figure WAS produced. I bought one from Child World when I was a kid and would often terrorize my sister's Barbie collection with it.

Plaidstallions said...

Yeah, Ken I ran out and bought one too back in the day. It's sad that's the only thing that made it.

Anonymous said...

The article states that the entire line wasn't released, not that a single piece didn't see a small distribution. I'll agree it is worded a little poorly, but seeing those figures makes me bummed out, I'd have been all over those.

If you watch the mini-series, you will see those very same prototypes being played with by some kids, including a few others. They make mention of a kid having the mothership playset at home. This was a really smart and fun scene in the series that was an accurate portrayal of toy marketing at the time.

Plaidstallions said...

Actually, those figures shown in the mini series are not the ones shown here. That was two years before the series and LJN having the license, they are simply well made prop items.

Trust me, I spent a little while with the DVD looking at them.

Anonymous said...

Hello, new fan of your website, going through it, loving it! Awesome :)

It is funny how something, such as recalling spending time with toys you forgot about, comes back to you. I never expected to notice something about that blue Z28 style car there with the t-tops! The body appears to be identical to two cars I was given by some distant relative, and though neither were moulded in that color plastic, I feel like I can hold it.

One was this off red-pink awful color, black interior and it did not have the windows in the front or back nor in the t-tops. It was really ugly and eventually met its demise due to trying to give it a radio (mono). But, that was okay because the wheels fit the other one, and it was cooler anyway because it was black with a light beige interior and was complete with all windows, yet not the t-tops! That bothered the hell out of me of not having the option of being able to have windows there, it could rain, ya know? I would put clear tape over them.

Also, the cars I had did not have the badass cannon or whatever that is on the hood there, though the moulded hood-scoop is the same and they did share those exact same tires and rims. I don't think either of them had decals anywhere on them. I wouldn't guess the cars I received where ever intended for anything other than cheap toy-store bins; cheap though they were, I remember them fondly. :) I think this was the Christmas of 84.

That spaceship there is freakin' awesome! What is the mailing address on that catalogue again? I'm ready to order it please! LOL!


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