Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He'll save everyone of us!

I've never really understood what possessed Mego to make these beautiful action figures based on the Flash Gordon comic strip, it was two years before the movie and animated series and while I admit I knew who the character was as a kid, I just didn't see this being a hit.

Anyway, I'm really glad they did, 'cause they're awesome! They're at a slightly larger scale then the Superheroes which allowed more detail in the outfits as well they come with a ton of stuff. I'm of the mind they are the best action figures ever made of the classic characters.

Speaking of Flash Gordon: One of my favourite modern Toy producers Bif Bang Pow! is releasing a set of Mego like 8" Flash Gordon figures based on the 1980 movie. If you read this blog, you'll know I am somewhat obsessed with that fine film, so it goes without saying that I'm pretty pleased.

Hopefully I can drive sales to convince Jason Lenzi to make an 8" Prince Vultan, I need a Brian Blessed doll in a bad way and so do all of you...

Check out Ming and Flash at Entertainment Earth.


Neal said...

I think because Mego missed out on the Star Wars figures, they were trying to gobble up every science fiction property they could. Flash Gordon was certainly a great choice but, as you said, because it came out before the movie or the cartoon series, most kids had no idea what to make of it.

Anonymous said...

A great playset...It's sitting up in my closet as I speak. Too bad the male figures suffered from weak thumbs. They broke off from holding their cool weapons.

Vintage Postcard Gallery said...

i just LOVE this blog! i have given you a "Sunshine Award" and linked to you in my latest post!


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