Thursday, March 18, 2010

Star Base Zeus

These weird little playsets like this were made by a company called "Tootsie Toy", they did do some licensed items (like the Shadow!) but for the most part they did fun knock offs of the Six Million Dollar Man, King Kong and Flash Gordon as evidenced here by "Major Mars".

More on this in the very near future.


Arkonbey said...

Even as a kid, I liked these cheapo toys. No backstory and they were cheap and plentiful.

John III said...

These were nice little cheap toy sets to take on car trips.

....wish I would have had one!

JFStan said...

I still have the blue shuttle from this playset!!

mister droid said...

I would love more information on these toys. They were some of my favorite things... but info is scarce.
I know about the set pictured, and the Flash Gordon sets with figures, but I specifically remember trading an extra Captain Lazer for a Tootsietoy branded angry gorilla. Maybe a jungle set?


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