Monday, March 29, 2010

The P.A.C.K on Clearance

Seeing this awesome (and now pretty darn rare) stuff marked down gives me the chills. When I was about ten or eleven, my mom took me to "Consumer's Distributing" a catalog showroom store. I wandered around and found a book marked "Clearance items" in it was pages from their 70s catalog including spreads of Big Jim P.A.C.K and Six Million Dollar Man items from four years previous. My mind was blown, it was my early childhood that I pretty much blocked out thanks to Star Wars.

I didn't buy any of that stuff but the idea of being able to buy vintage toys never left me, obviously...

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Sharon Day said...

Aha, now we know your motivation. Jeez, as someone who appreciates art, I just love the jazzy old ads and the color schemes. Makes me homesick for the dorky 70s again.


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