Monday, March 01, 2010

Bat-Tastic Rack Toys

Some new additions to the AHI Batman gallery today, above is the Phaser ahem, Batman water pistol. This is a Canadian Card, many AHI items were carried by Grand Toys.

The "L'il Zips" Batmobile looks like crazy fun for under a buck. I don't understand why folks keep things mint in package but decide to cut the packaging like that.

A close up of the detail on the tiny dynamic duo.

Lastly the L'il Zips Batcycle, which looks a lot like the Mego Batcycle, I guess DC had a role in it's initial design. The card art on this one is fantastic.


plasticfetish said...


How brilliant.

John III said...

Anything Batman is keen in my book. Hey Brian, congrats on Canada winning the gold in hockey. Arrrgghh....

narvolicious said...

Aw man, I had that lil zips car!

Tiki Fire said...

I had one of those batcycles. Was a cool cheap toy.


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