Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kojak by Excel Toys

kojak doll

I've gone on record on many occasions as to not understanding the toyetic appeal of Kojak. Starsky and Huth or SWAT I readily enjoyed as a child but Kojak wasn't something I ever wanted a toy of.

I do admit I think that the Kojak office set is pretty damned skippy however, it even comes with a bad guy who appears to work at footlocker. If I ever happened upon one of these cheap, I'll give it to my Mego Starsky and Hutch dolls.


Sharon Day said...

Does he come with a lollipop? I wonder if he sat on the shelf between Columbo doll and McCloud?

JFStan said...

The Kojak figure did indeed come with a tiny lollipop! This is the kind of toy that inspired my blog.

Sharon Day said...

Thank goodness for your inspiration! Love your blog--awesome idea. I get all sentimental and misty when I come here. My best friend and I were talking the other day about mood rings and pet rocks and how we begged at Christmastime for both. I laughed when six people got me mood rings and no one got me a pet rock. They said they just couldn't finance the ass who invented them. I remember our local store kept them inside a display case and they didn't want people stealing them. Was it that hard to create your own???

JFStan said...

LOL.. Not that I mind being confused with the curator of Plaid Stallions, but I meant a different blog. It was inspired by unusual licensed toys. (Evil Meatball vs Cat, link on the right!)

Justin said...

Great work. Had no idea there was a playset or even a bad guy that WAS made for the Kojak toy line. Is this verified? Would love to see some color photos. Again though,seriously nice work here. Best wishes, Justin


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