Friday, March 19, 2010

1979 Corgi Jr Catalog

One of the biggest names when it comes to diecast cars in the world has to be Corgi and in the 1970s they were a licensing machine! If it was hot with kids and involved vehicles then it was likely a Corgi product.

Everybody from Kojak to Batman to James Bond even the rebels from Blake's 7 are representing in the 1979 Corgi Jr Catalog.

More Super Hero Goodness


Sharon Day said...

I admit being a tomboy in the 70s. My brother had the Hot Wheels track and a bunch of these cars. I remember having to make a deal with him to use them--I had one particular car I always used to race him on the 360 loops. It won every time. What was the deal I had to make? He wanted one of my Barbies. Why, you ask? So he could torture her. He put her on the barbecue grill leaving nice little burn slashes on her, tied her to a boulder and tossed her into the creek, weeks later went back and got her slimy body from the muck and cut her hair off and removed her eyes. I ended up thanking him. She became the creepy servant for my other Barbies who had to live in a cave because she was a zombie. Don't you love childhood toys? Kids are so adaptable! You keep bringing me back new memories all the time.

John III said...

I wanted these Corgi toys so bad when I was a kid. They were on display in a glass case at our local model/hobby store. My dad always bought me toys, but he wouldn't buy me these because they were too expensive. I never saw these in a toy store. If they were, I'm sure they would have been much cheaper.

Quilty said...

I used to have all the Superman and Batman cars and the Jokermobile. My favorite was the Daily Planet delivery truck, only because it had a photo of Superman revealing his secret identity right on the side of the truck! That's, like, the best 70s van art ever.

Anonymous said...

I had just about all of those. I remember my "friend" flushing my Kojak car down the toilet. It came back up though like a champ.

Who loves ya baby?

narvolicious said...

Aw man, Corgi was a dream. After seeing "The Spy Who Loved Me," I rushed out to get the Corgi Lotus Esprit sub. It was fun for awhile, but I kept wishing it would feature the full transformation ability from car to sub—yes, with the wheels disappearing underneath and everything. Oh well.

rob! said...

A Shazam! car over an Aquaman one, really?


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