Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Punch Clowns confuse me

Punch clowns have never made sense to me, I take that back, I comletely understand why somebody would want to beat up a clown, they're creepy. It's stuff like Snoopy and Batman that I don't get, you obviously love the characters, why would you want to pummel them?

These kind of Punch Clowns always remind me of a new years eve party my parents went to in the seventies. The people having the party had a son my age and they shoved us both in the basement. The kid was extremely hyperactive and actually scared me a little, I watched him beat a punch clown about a thousand times as he laughed maniacally.

His next game of "Let my Guinea Pig free, turn off the lights and run around" was something I decided to miss and I actually left the basement, snuck into the TV room and watched "A Man called Sloan" episodes. Happy New Year!

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