Monday, June 19, 2006

Supertots Attack!

This is the third page of Super Hero related Pajama's you can find in the 1976 Sears Catalog. Unbelievable.

I really like the
Batgirl and WonderWoman versions, they remind me of the Mego Supergals, although the masks bewilder me.

I have only contempt for "Frightens the Clown" and "Freaky Bunny" however, they look like kidnappers from a particulalry disturbing Hawaii Five O I saw at 4 Am once.


Anonymous said...


clearly, that clown pajama outfit is the first (only?) piece of merchandising that was done for Stephen King's "It" mini-series!

Steve said...

What kind of sick parent has their kid dress up like a clown to go to bed?

That kid playing the bunny later grew up to star in Donnie Darko.

Anonymous said...

The Wonder Woman get up is a little crazy, flesh-y pink colored pajamas that make it look like the girl is wearing the golden W tube top. Maybe it's just me....

GiGi said...

WTH Were the graphics made with Magic Markers?
And why is the little boy in the Batman outfit past bottle blonde?


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