Thursday, June 08, 2006

Words Fail me

I have to stop that Delta House

Man, where do i begin? The mind races with too many jokes. I know this guy thinks he's "Da Bomb" but those pants! Are they from the "Ted Knight Collection" for young men?

This guy reminds me of one of those villians from an "Animal House" rip off, "Charles Van Landingham from Preppie House"

Ugh, I'm sure as I hot post I'll think of something funnier........

The MegoMuseum has some pretty big mego news today, worth a look.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure, in a longshot, that the ugly late 70's Buick looks better by comparison with him standing next to it!

GiGi said...

Remington Steele: The Prequel

Anonymous said...

It's Dr. Kelly Brackett!!

Unknown said...

Looks like a Pontiac Bonneville
or Parisienne in the background.


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