Friday, June 16, 2006

Treasury Comics Obsession!

treasury comics are cool!

For a while Rob from the Megomuseum board has been threatening to start a website devoted to treasury edition comics and when he finally did it, he truly exceeded all expectations.

Treasury is one of those sites that grabs you and never let's go, a person can truly browse around for hours marveling at this tribute.

For those not in the know,
Treasury comics are oversized comics that were produced by all of the majors during the 1970s which petered out during the early 1980's. They are a mix of reprints and original material (such as the amazing Superman vs Shazam!)and I will be honest, they are the sole reason I love comic books.

Since Rob started the site, I've probably purchased 10-15 new treasury editions.

A great tribute to the treasury comics appears on the megomuseum with the announcement of the latest trading card, it's a reenactment on the
most famous treasury cover ever.

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