Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pants that should have never been

The 1976 Sears Christmas catalog has what I expect is a fad that I hope never caught on, corduroy patchwork jeans. From the Herb Tarlek casual wear collection, be sure to top them off with the biggest, whitest belt you can find!

That brown pair should have been destroyed on sight and whoever designed them run out of town by angry villagers.
If you're not getting my drift, I think they're an eyesore.


Juan Corsair said...

Dude... Didn't Earl Camembert also wear ridiculous threads like these???

Ahh, the '70s. So much to laugh at.

Smurfwreck said...

It's like having a Mondrian painting ... on your pants!

Mark Thomas said...

My gawd, I wore those pants and a matching jacket for my 8th grade graduation in 1975 :)


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