Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cool Superhero Toys from 1978

The late night screening of Superman Returns had me go back to 1978 and see what kind of Super Merchandise they offered. A far cry from the the 1976 explosion, it still has some old staples still around today (they're just not as fun) I tried to keep this DC specific.

Viewmasters- Take that DVD's, we had the good guys pack and it ruled. I never had it but a kid in my class did, I was haunted when Black Adam turned to dust.

Oddly enough a friend of mine dropped by my office eight years ago and accidently left the Marvel version of this on my desk, it's still here! Mark come get this crap!

Utility belts- Remco cranked these out for years, whether it was perfectly logical (
Batman) or downright Bizarre (the Hulk only had a rope belt people!).

Batmobile - Still faintly resembling the George Barris TV version, sweet!

Mego Superheroes- The finest toys known to man, if that man is me. A lot of figures have come out that are much more articulated and authentic but they have none of that nostalgia. Like I needed another reason to harp on about Mego stuff.

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