Friday, November 29, 2019

Five Incredibly Strange, Incredible Hulk Toys on eBay this week

A special thank you to my nerd blood brother David Lockwood for inspiring this post with his love of the Hulk and ridiculous items. 

Incredible Hulk Lantern- The Hulk appears to be screaming in pain from having his midsection been removed and replaced with a lamp. Also, you know this probably is better at throwing shadows than providing any significant light.

AHI Incredible Hulk Utility Belt- AHI and Remco had this belief that whatever sells for Batman, works for all other Superheroes. That may be true but when you get to the Hulk, it also produces comedy. I remember staring at this when I was 9 and laughing at it right before I chose the Batman Utility belt.

Hulk Hang Glider- This is so wonderfully hilarious and i can't help but think of the time Klinger tried to hang glide out of the 4077...

Hulk and Spider-Man Intercom set- "Mr. Parker your puny 3 o'clock is here"

Ice Pops- Nothing whets the appetite more than pictures of what is essentially a shirtless homeless man who is also radioactive. MMMMMM, where do I lick?


Jón Páll said...

Lickin' ol' Greenskin.
What a way to live.

Gamera977 said...

I dunno, the idea of the Hulk coming at me on a hang glider scares the snot outta me...

Seventiesfan said...

I managed to find loose Hulk and Spider-man Remco belts on Ebay for a reasonable price, but had never seen that Incredible Hulk Lantern. Wouldn't a Green Lantern lantern have made more sense?

YesterdayIsNow said...

Why does Hulk have pigtails in lantern form? I must have missed that storyline.


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