Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Mattel Clash of the Titans Zeus figure

My friend Jason (not the one I do podcasts with, I know two guys named Jason, perhaps more) surprised me with this extremely rare find. A prototype head sculpt from Mattel's very short-lived Clash of the Titans toy line, more after the jump:

I remember when this was being auctioned as I was interested in other lots from a former Mattel employee selling all sorts of wax castings and test pulls. This was very cool but not "Space:1999" cool if you know what i mean.

Jason believes that this sculpt may have been reused for the Masters of the Universe character "Fisto" and they certainly look related.

Despite being somewhat small, it's really trying to capture Lawrence Olivier as Zeus, I wonder what other figure concepts were scrapped from the line?

The best part of this is, it's for sale. Jason would like to part with it and asked if I know any buyers. If you are interested in this piece please contact me at kid70s(at)gmail.com and I'll hook you up.


Nico Toscani said...

I think I was one of the few kids that really liked the toys that did get released. I had everything they put out. I loved the Pegasus best of all.

Kevin said...

I had all the Clash figures. Never the creatures, though. I may still have some of the figures. Gotta dig around. Perseus is the most likely.

Sean said...

I had (have) them all except the Kracken. Have never seen one of those. Probably lost the swords and shields. Pegasus is on a shelf next to a Shining Knight figure.

Alphacentaurian said...

Another missed action figure opportunity. I'd love a Lawrence Olivier action figure, as well as a Donald Pleascence and a John Houseman figures.

At least there's at least one David Warner figga.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I want a real Bubo?


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