Friday, December 14, 2012

Top Ten Coolest 3 3/4" Action Figure Lines of the 1970s

I gave up writing a weekly list for Topless Robot, in order to finish writing Rack Toys. I will admit to missing it from time to time, so I’m going to keep fresh by churning out the odd one for PlaidStallions. 

 One of the things children of the 1970s were witness to was the birth of the 3 ¾” action figure, this was something that was entirely ours as a generation. The 3 ¾” action figure was to us, what the Slinky or Mr Potato-head were to  baby boomers. 

 The explosion happened so quickly and so many companies followed suit that it’s easy to over look who did some of the best jobs.

Disclaimer: Your favorites might not be here, sorry about that but this list is merely meant as a fun distraction and doesn't serve in any sort of "official capacity". I don't really consider myself any bigger an expert than you, trust me. I'll probably do an 80s one in the coming months. .

#10- Butch and Sundance Kenner

Kenner’s Butch and Sundance line wasn’t based on the Paul Newman/Robert Redford classic from the early 1970s but on the prequel William Katt/Tom Berenger film “Butch and Sundance The Early Years” yeah that happened.

Kenner went all out on this line making figures of other characters played by Peter Weller and Brian Dennehy. The figures had better articulation than Star Wars figures, their legs moved they could ride horses and pull their guns with quick draw action.

All the bells and whistles couldn’t save the line from the fact that cowboys had fallen out of vogue and the movie it was based on wasn’t a big hit. Frugal Kenner recycled some of this line for their “Adventures of Indiana Jones” line in 1982, which filled it with additional win.

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blaxfilmfan said...

Mostly agree with your top ten. I collect Adventure People and still think they are great. Would put Buck Rogers a little higher but oh well!


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unixlad said...

Is the saloon just a reworked Creature Cantina from the Star Wars line ?


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