Monday, December 17, 2012

70s Santa Explosion

Let's kick the week off right with a sampling of  Santa suits and other bric a brac from the era when I knew he was real. I will say that suits like captain eyebrows above, give me the willies. It probably has to do with a childhood viewing of "Tales from the Crypt", not the HBO show, that British one.

More polyester jolliness after the jump

"Hey come on in, there's nobody home and there is some Pabst in the fridge"


I look like that when I eat ground beef.

Was there a Chimney shortage in the 70s?

I need some of those giant plastic candles, off to the antique mall!


Wings1295 said...

Awesome stuff. That door poster is just great!

Adam Hazlett said...

I grew up with that door poster of Santa on our door every year....eventually the tape would rip the poster after taking it down year after year and the whole family would go out and look for a new one. I'll bet the last one is still up in my parent's attic from Christmas '87 or so.

Tom said...

I rescued a Santa Fireplace at an estate sale this past year. It doesn't have that fanastic chimney, but it's still nice. I set it up next to my aluminum Christmas tree. See here:


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