Friday, December 07, 2012

Big Jim Italy 1979

big jim in italy

Big Jim was an international sensation in 1979, he just wasn't available in the country of his birth. By 1979, Big Jim was still enjoying popularity in Europe where he had gone through several changes and permutations to become a strong compeititor to the Hasbro lines based on GI Joe which was also no longer available in the United States.

This 1979 Italian catalog shows just how versatile the Big Jim brand was, he was not just the action sportsman adventurer but a James Bond like super spy, a cowboy, a soldier of fortune and a world explorer.

big jim in italy
He was even a pirate! I think these figures are crazy cool.

big jim in italy

Warning: It may be harmful to your wallet.

More Big Jim than you can handle!
big jim pack comic mexican cipsa big jim

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Ichabod said...

My all-time childhood favorite. (Before the advent of Star Wars, of course).


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