Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rack Toys in your stocking

Hey, even Santa has a budget and shoving a cheap-o rack toy into your stocking is a time honoured, fun tradition. There's nothing particularly Christmassy about what's inside the display but it didn't matter. I've put together a collage of different Christmas dump bins (I'll always giggle when typing that word) from the shag decade.

A variety of Gordy items from 1979.

Surprise, surprise, Popeye got in on the action.

I love the graphics on this earlier Gordy santa box.

Seriously, that design is killer.

This is a Jak Pak display from 1986, if Inspector gadget wasn't a give away...

Nothing but rack toys and utility grade candy in there. It's the kind of thoughtless thing that one of your dad's co workers might give you and you'd probably think it was the best thing ever.

I closed my book with the above image from a 1976 catalog

 It's just so full of win.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man I remember those stupid cheap pool table sets. With the tiny plastic pool balls and spring loaded pool cues! Haha

blaxfilmfan said...

That early Gordy Santa box is killer!



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