Monday, December 24, 2012

A Corn Syrup Christmas Special

I know I said I was done posting and on holiday but then Tom (who sent in this above bit of awesomeness a few years ago) sent me an early present. 

This home movie shows Tom giving his mom a lesson in how to work a Stretch Armstrong properly. If that wasn't cool enough, it's a really nice pastiche of a 70s Christmas complete with funky turtlenecks and (now) vintage beer cans. It's not even my family and this brings back good memories. 

 Thanks Tom and Merry Stretchmas!


Tom said...

Thanks for posting my pictures/video. Yeah, my family loved their beer at Christmastime. Christmastime... Amazingly, I grew up to be a non-drinker.

Bonus Stretch memorabilia in the background of the second picture is the newly-opened box in front of the tv.

Anonymous said...

That home movie was a perfect Christmas eve gift. Thank you!


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