Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Victim Mystery Solved

For years now, it's been bugging me if this 6 inch fashion doll that has been dubbed "The Victim" and said to be part of the Lincoln Monsters line of toys was a real thing or not. I had heard from people over the years who claimed to have her as a kid or saw her in an obscure catalog. However, nobody could honestly place where.

That is until I met my pal Corey at last weekend's Megomeet toy show and he handed me the 1975 Spiegel catalog, a gap in my already over the top catalog library. And this is the first thing I saw:

There she was, the "girl victim", her size and outfit have always suggested to me that she was some sort of unsold Dawn knockoff,  merely added to the offering but she was marketed as something the monsters had their way with.

I still can't believe that this was a thing, part of me doubted it merely because it seemed so wrong headed,  especially when you consider all the trouble Aurora got into with their girl victim model kit in 1971. It seems weird that both the Spiegel buyer and the company repping Lincoln in the United States hadn't noticed a national boycott.

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