Friday, June 08, 2012

New from Odeon Toys

brick Mantooth as Micronaughty

I can't believe it's taken me a year to get these samples created but these are the first two figures from the Project: Mantooth sub series I've been working on. Each figure will be limited to about ten units and have custom packaging.

All of this (and me!) will be at this weekend's MegoMeet toy show in Wheeling, West Virginia. So if you're in the area, please stop by this Saturday and say hi.

More information and photos after the jump.
brick Mantooth as Micronaughty
 Micronaughty will likely be the first figure released in the series, it will feature card artwork by the great Tim Baron. I had a lot of help on these little labours of love and I can't go without thanking Sean Sansom, Paul from Laser Mego for the fantastic reel to reel chest piece and the gang at Cast-A-Way toys for the great advice.

brick Mantooth as Micronaughty
Next up will be "Polyestar: The Ultimate Man of Pleasure", many thanks to Ed Leung and Stephen Leach for design help on the graphics on this one.
brick Mantooth as Micronaughty

Polyestar features a hand sewn outfit by Theressa Chapko and under his jacket, you'll find the true secret behind his powers. It's closely guarded and I owe it all to mad genius David Lee at Cast-A-Way.

I have several other releases planned for Project Mantooth that I'll reveal in the coming months, each will be limited and will get weirder and weirder.

More updates for these will be posted on the Odeon Toys Website in the coming weeks as well as the return of the Megomuseum Super Collector.
Thanks for indulging me folks and while I won't be posting much this weekend, look for me at the MegoMuseum Twitter and Facebook pages where I'll be doing some live reporting from the floor of Megomeet.
 If you happen to stop by please visit my table for free trading cards and to sample my world reknowned eye watering body odour.

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Tex said...

The reel-to-reel chest unit will, of course, be playing Barry White.

(any other ideas on what it should play?)


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