Friday, June 01, 2012

Kenner Stretch Armstrong Archive Debuts

Stretch Armstrong is one of the most recognizable and succesful toy concepts of the 1970s. Launched by Kenner toys in 1977, Stretch Armstrong would become a household name for generation X kids everywhere. The unique concept of making an action figure out of latex and corn syrup would create a buzz and see many a Christmas wishlist.

Subsequent figures such as Stretch Monster would prove equally succesful and move the brand into pop culture history. The line would eventually end after many successful years in 1981, where fatigue combined with increasing copycat imitators would see the line end.

The corn syrup laden hero was sold world wide and thanks to PS pal and benefactor Bill Frost, I'm finally able to showcase the many forms of Stretch and his friends on the site.

Click here to see the PlaidStallions Stretch Armstrong Index

Please do not ask me if I have these for sale, I sadly do not own a single stretch figure but do email me if you have stuff you'd like to contribute!


Steven Fallon said...

The Stretch Octopus reminds me of Viras, one of Gamera's old foes.

John III said...

Do you have any for sale? Just kidding... don't hate me!

Tom said...

I loved seeing that picture of my brother (in the psychodelic shirt) and me again in my mom's kitchen. I have some Super 8 footage of that Christmas with my Stretch Armstrong. One of these days I'll get it transferred and uploaded for you.

Muppet John said...

I was so glad to see the picture of my Mom added to the Stretch Armstrong page. So very cool. Thanks again for keeping a smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing commercials for these! What a flashback!!


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