Friday, June 29, 2012

1982 Meccano Action Man Catalog

Meccanno Action Man 1982

Palitoy Action Man wasn't just marketed to children in the UK it also spread to countries such as France, where Miro-Meccano brought the fuzzy haired, eagle eyed soldiers to market.

In addition to 12" figures, Meccano also brought in the popular 3 3/4" Action Force line that was very popular at the time..


Atomic J said...

That's an interesting photo of Zargon with a Red Visor. I've heard rumors that he was only ever released with a green visor, and the red was some weird prototype.
I love how Palitoy used the 6MDM space suit gloves & boots, and reused them for Joe and the Space Rangers line

gobshyte said...

i have some great action man ads from 76 + 77 you might can i get them to you?great post by the way mate


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