Wednesday, November 03, 2010

We're wonderful

I've been in love before, done some crazy things I'm no longer proud of but I've never been "wear a white t shirt with a backhanded compliment about myself" in love.


rob! said...

It was so sad when these two got divorced in the Me Decade and they found the shirts in an old box, as they split up their stuff.

Mike wanted a new, younger wife, that aerobics instructor who giggled during "Punky Brewster" and didn't remind him of the 70s.

For Linda's part, the lines in her face began to show ("They're smile lines", her Mom would say) and she wondered what she would do now. She thought about getting into real estate, and wondered if she would ever love again.

John III said...

When's the book come out Rob? LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord, I bought these for my parents for Christmas when I was in junior high. I don't recall them ever wearing them.

GiGi said...

Im his because The Jim Jones Put Us Together
I'm hers because She Let's Me Keep Body Parts In The Deep Freezer


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