Friday, November 19, 2010

1979 Tomland Toys Catalog


Tomland Toys are kind of a mystery to many toy collectors, a member of the Marx family of companies, they were known for producing cheap but fun toys that sometimes kind of skirted copyright laws.

They are perhaps most famous for their 1978 line of action figures called "Star Raiders" and it's follow up line "Star Command: Starroid Raiders" both of which seemed to have been inspired by a certain George Lucas film (hint it's not American Grafitti). In 1979, Tomlands lines seem to have been carried in the United States by a company called Calfax, here is their spacey 1979 selection:

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Matt said...

yikes -- I'm fairly certain that 'Interplanetary Battery Operated Toothbrush' doubles as some sort of marital aid. Not sure I want to know what Starroid i-M-1's role is ...

Fiona said...

OMG, my father had one of those electronic football games. It was kind of fun, but in hindsight ridiculously primitive-- a group of bright red dots moving around a grid, with occasional bleeps (and a little victory tune when you scored a touchdown).


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