Wednesday, November 10, 2010


One of my earliest "Vintage Toy Finds" as a kid was digging through the back part of "Pinnochio's Toys" around 1980, the 1970s were alive and well there, Mego Planet of the Apes play sets, Big Jim dolls,  Aurora models and this oddity. At nine, I had no concept of who Flip Wilson was, his show ended when I was four and my mom just said "Oh, he was funny".

 So I was sort of confused by this doll of a cross dressing man. At the time, I would have no idea the significance of this piece, one of the bigger releases from a company called Shindana.


Meatball said...

I STILL have one of these! The voice mechanism doesn't work, but it's still very cool. Plus, I'm old enough to remember Flip Wilson. :)

rob! said...

What. the. hell.

Umbratikus said...

Hey, I had one of these, too. I was in, like, 2nd grade. My parents did watch the Flip Wilson show, so I knew who he was, but I don't remember if I started paying attention to the show because I had this or the other way around. My favorite thing he said, well, that Geraldine said was, "I smell a rat, and its coming from YOUR direction."


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