Thursday, November 04, 2010

Star Trek: The Table

Here's something I recently found in a pile of papers in my basement, a brochure for a child's table and chairs based on Star Trek and not just that, the Filmation animated Star Trek!

If this exists, I simply must own it despite my lack of room and obvious impracticality, it must be mine. I'm even willing to forgive the presence yet again of "White Uhura", did anybody at toy companies watch Star Trek?


Alphacentaurian said...

This tabletop of awesomeness was before my time. I'm not a fan of the new stuff, but the original series/animated series stuff has always been cherished in my parent's household. I would have loved this myself. Simply stated: This rules.

rob! said...

A white Uhura? Who made this, Klan Toys Ltd.?

John III said...

That is so cool! There was also a comic book that came out with a white Uhura. A blond at that! In the same book there is a black Mr. Sulu..wearing a blue shirt!


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