Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beep Beep Sleep

As a child, I always felt a tremendous bit of sympathy for the Coyote, I wouldn't have slept well on a bed filled with his comeuppance.


Chris Thorndycroft said...

When did the Coyote ever say 'Good Heavens!'?

REX said...

The Coyote was too incompetent for me to hate, and the Road Runner was to blonde to be my hero. But I'd worship that Pink Panther idol!

Lady Jaye said...

@Collector: it seems based on the comic-book version, where the Coyote and the Road Runner do talk and the Road Runner has kids as well.

I didn't have those bedsheets but had a more general Looney Tunes set that my parents may still have (if they don't, they didn't get rid of it too long ago).

Matt said...

wow -- I actually had those! Seeing the pillowcase caused a major flashback ... for a second, thought I still had footy pajamas on.

Alphacentaurian said...

But, why the Pink Panther figure on the night table?

Just a sec... that's the one Mr. Bean had!

larzini said...

Holy crap! I have that pillowcase. Although I know someone who would like it gone. So I best check that it's still around. Thanks for posting that picture. I never would have thought to look it up.


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