Friday, November 12, 2010

1969 Toys R Us Toy Circular

Here's another wonderful Toy Newspaper Circular from the good people at Toys R Us, this time it's from this weekend 41 years ago (ok I timed that part).

It's a cool trip back to the toys of yester year and while some things have changed, others really haven't all that much.

Lots of memorable classics such as G.I. Joe, Barbie and the ever popular Fisher Price Little People.

Click Here to browse the 1969 Toys R Us Circular

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REX said...

Oh, electric football, you were sucky! You promised the world and delivered ear-splitting chaos.

Neal P said...

I got that Billy Blastoff set in 1969 and my brother got the Hot Wheels super chargers. My Corgi Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car was faster than any Hot Wheels car when it went through the super charger. And a Johnny Unitas football! Living in Baltimore, Johnny Unitas was God back then.

Doug said...

Thanks for posting this as it sure brought back a lot of memories. I too had a Billy Blastoff figure and a few accessories. The G.I.Joe Space Capsule was very cool as my older brother and I both got one that year for Christmas. We also had the super charger for our Hot Wheels until a kid my Mom baby sat for destroyed it with his Johnny Lightning car!

Alphacentaurian said...

Oh, man. That Banana Splits game would be groovy!

Anonymous said...

Another one of those magic moments when you're reintroduced to long-forgotten toys you once greatly enjoyed. In this case, it's Ideal's Battling Tops (page 1). Thanks for the re-memory!


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