Friday, November 05, 2010

The Super Steins!

No it's not the story of a Jewish family given strange powers after an accidental dose of Gamma radiation (well, not until I sell that screenplay) but just a series of cool super hero merch from the mid seventies boom:

Ah the man of steel, I need this for better beer consumption.

Classic Adams Batman, very nice!

It's nice to see modern Wonder Woman on something, I noticed a lot of 70s stuff used Golden Age clip art.

And of course, Shazam! New to the team and hot on television. It's somewhat cruel but I get kind of a kick pointing this stuff out to my pal Rob at the Aquaman Shrine. Rob has a well grounded theory that the addition of Shazam pretty much screwed the King of Atlantis out of rightful merchandise. He's totally right but I always enjoy his "Agggghhh!" type comments when I post this stuff, sorry man.

More 70s SuperHero Merch (all of it has Aquaman):


Wings1295 said...

Gah! Rob is right. As soon as I saw Captain Marvel, I knew there was no Aqua-stein. Dang it.

Alphacentaurian said...

A pity. Aqua-stein sounds like something a Byzantine monk would use :)

Awesome steins... there really needed to be a Plastic Man stein! Alas, the animated series had not come out yet.

rob! said...

Oh man, and my weekend was going so to right-click!


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