Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Status Symbols

The home bar craze in the 1970s (ours was orange with a white and gold speckled counter) is something I fondly remember but I have to wonder how many folks had to stare at this day in and day out.
I have nothing against Anheuser Busch (partially thanks to them I don't remember much of my frosh year) but if I think having this in the living room says a lot of things about you, not all of them good.


Ally said...

Ugh, my dad had this awful Bud sun hat in the '70s. It was so lame!

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Anonymous said...

It was quite common for folks to have huge bars built into their basement back then. We never had one (my parents liquor was kept in the cabinet above the refrigerator)but many of my friends parents did. A big pool table was usually in the room as well.

Lisa said...

While house-hunting last year, I came across soooo many basement bars still in their 70's glory! Your area is especially full of them, Brian.

Actually, there are quite a number of homes around here that are completely, originally 70's decorated - mirror walls, shag carpet, colored appliences... it's AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Looks like something you should sit around when you come out of the pool.

MrJeffery said...

this cracks me up.

50sme said...

Hey....these things are great! I had a sweet Budweiser sign when I was a kid that when you plugged it in, a liquid inside heated up and began to bubble making it look like the fresh cold beer just poured from a bottle was bubbling all tempting like in a chilled,frosty mug. I loved that sign. I wonder where it went.That was 78 or so and I got it from a yard sale.


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