Friday, January 01, 2010

The Classic Star Trek Toy Gallery

classic star trek toys

While most children of the '70s recall the Star Trek merchandise explosion of the 1970s led by the Mego Corporation it's surprising just how much merchandise the show generated when it actually was on the air. Much of these products are so rare that they almost seemed shrouded in mystery or misinformation,

That's why we're lucky to know Trek collector extraorindaire Bruce Z. who has an a treasure trove of amazing Star Trek Merchandise and was kind enough to share it with the world. Click on the sample images below to see larger pages with descriptions:

classic star trek toys

classic star trek toys

classic star trek toys

classic star trek toys

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plasticfetish said...

God... the artwork on some of those boxes, especially the Remco stuff, is really gorgeous.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

STAR TREK Binoculars?!? Awesome!!

Unknown said...

That Star Trek Stunt Plane was impossible to fly. After about 5 minutes on Christmas morning I had crashed it into the living room lamp. Luckilly the huge santa head lampshade cover took the brunt of the blow. I am pretty sure the thing broke (or got lost:) before I even had a chance to try it outside.

Patron Zero said...

Definitely a recast-recolor of a Hamilton's Invaders helmet and grenade pistol. These are considered amongst the rarest of Star Trek items so good hunting !


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