Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Azrak Hamway Monsters

Some great new variation figures added to the AHI Monster Gallery today, cataloging these is a bigger chore than I imagined, below we have wrist jointed Dracula:

Man he looks pissed that someone stole his shoes! These jointed wrist versions are the closest things to Mego, but for some reason they all have the Wolfman's hairy chest (gives the figures a little bit of a Sean Connery thing going on) and their clothes are really susceptable to dry rot. Hard to find them in good shape.

"Vere is my shoe?" This is a cupped hands variation of Dracula, I'm not completely on solid ground here but I believe these may have been the very last monsters to surface. I've heard everything from them being released in baggies to these not even being official AHI merchandise (That seemed to happen a lot) but four figures were released in this series. If you have pics, please send 'em.

Here is the jointed wrist wolfman, the only figure that the hairy chest makes real sense.

On the Jiggler front, the Creature from the Black Lagoon finally makes an appearance:

Now, if I could only get him to stand for a picture...

AHI Monster Gallery

I've spent a little time upgrading and organizing the growing AHI Monsters section of the site, check it out.


Arkonbey said...

the CotBL looks like he's going " Nooo! Please don't step on me!"

50sme said...

I remember playing with this exact rubbery lagoon creature as a kid. I LOVED those rubbery creatures. I can actually feel them right now as I think about it...all squishy and kind of slick too. It left a great red weal if you happend to slap your sisters arm with it.

Doug said...

I didn't know that they made a Jerry Orbach Dracula figure!

rob! said...

That's the closest Bela Lugosi-as-Dracula doll I've ever seen, pre-1990s.

Oh, and I wan that Creature figure,Brian. Please send it to me.


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