Friday, January 22, 2010

1979 Palitoy Star Wars Catalog

UK kids weren't immune to the awesome, corrupting influence of George Lucas and got Star Wars Mania every bit as bad as we did here in North America.
There were of course, subtle differences as evidenced in this 1979 toy catalog by Palitoy, UK distributor for the Kenner line. Among them you'll notice several exclusives (like the deathstar in the header) and fun prototype items that eventually were changed before release.

In addition to the catalog pages, we also have some cool shots of my pal Bill Frost's carded Palitoy collection, click on any image to be transported to the 1979 Palitoy Star Wars Catalog.

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John III said...

Ahhh memories.. When Star Wars was really Star Wars.

rob! said...

Seeing those OG Kenner action fgiure packages makes me smile. Those simply WERE my life, from around 1978-1982 or so.


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