Friday, January 15, 2010

1975 Marx Big Wheel Catalog

Big Wheels were the Rolls freaking Royce of children's transportation in the 1970s, there seemed to be at least two on every block. The Big Wheel however was only one part of the Marx "Ride 'Ems" line which included some fun and strange vehicles, check out the 1975 Marx Ride Ems Catalog here.

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Arkonbey said...

1) all nostalgia aside, this was a very nice piece of industrial design. Clean and functional (the seat adjustment was elegantly simple)

2) loved it as a kid, of course, but the NOISE of the front wheel on pavement must have been both an annoyance and a comfort to parents (comfort because you can tell where junior is)

3)did anyone else flip their Big Wheel upside-down and 'make ice cream', or was it just the kids in my neighborhood?

John III said...

Always wanted one....sadly to no avail.

Retro Hound said...

Yeah, I always wanted one too. Never got one. I remember that grasshopper thing too.

narvolicious said...

lol, Arkonbey, I flipped it upside down to 'make ice cream.' hahaa!

Btw, though the Big Wheels available nowadays claim to be "the original," that's totally untrue. I bought one for my kid (3 1/2 yrs. old) and the quality of construction sucked, plus it didn't have the cool "E-Brake" lever which let you spin out!

Back in the day, those things lasted forever; they would take a lickin' and keep on tickin'!

Unknown said...

Ok, the big question is; does anyone have or know of one for sale? I search ebay all the time and just never see them. Thanks. CRT


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