Friday, November 13, 2009

1974 HG Toys Puzzle Catalog

planet of the apes puzzle catalog

HG Toys was one of the bigger producers of licensed products in the 1970s and this great puzzle catalog from 1974 proves this. Almost every popular television show or character from that time is present, including Evel Knievel, Star Trek, the Marvel Superheroes, Planet of the Apes, Happy Days and much more.

Check out the 1974 HG Toys Puzzle Catalog

Also, if you haven't already check out the previously posted 1979 HG Toys Catalog for Godzilla, Alien, Superheroes, Barbapappas, Vegas, Love Boat and a lot more:

click here for the 1979 hg toys catalog


Alphacentaurian said...

I love how, in the Star Trek puzzles, they called Captain Kirk "Captain Cook" and Mr. Sulu "Mr. Zulu".
Methinks the copy editor had one too many blintzes that lunchtime.

Plaidstallions said...

Yeah, I'm a little surprised we didn't get a "Doctor Spock" in there too.


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