Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Rubber Snakes, Alligators and Poopatroopers

It's amazing how much stuff like rubber snakes and alligators are part of childhood, we just seem drawn to these kinds of items when we're kids. Imperial Toys seemed to have a great handle on this and seeing as how they're still in business to this day, this stuff sells. I'm pretty sure I had an Alfie Alligator.
Poopatroopers, ten cents well spent...


Jon K said...

My kids (2 and 5) actually have the alligator and the snake, thanks to some garage sale finds!

wee67 said...

Something so glorious about a display box filled with goodies. Even cheap ones that would have only kept my attention for a very brief period. Thatos, of course, excepting the poopatroopers. Those were hours and hours of fun!


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