Thursday, November 12, 2009

12 Superheroes Who Should Be On '70s Vans

Ever wonder what Superheroes would look best splashed on a "Shaggin' Wagon"? Well wonder no further cause Jesse sent me this funny piece from Maxim today that answers that nagging question once and for all.

Check out the 12 Superheroes Who Should be on '70s Vans

Here is my personal favourite:

Mike Grell's Warlord, I could so totally see this parked at Wal-Mart somewhere....


Arkonbey said...

Man, what was it with vans? I wanted one. Not one of those wimpy city vans, but a jacked-up 4x4!

If they weren't bringing so much on eBay, I'd snag an old MPC van kit and build up that thing (though I wouldn't be nostalgic enough build it 1980's style: use too much glue, paint it with a brush and then play with it until it breaks)

John III said...

Oh man! I want that Thor one if it was real! I like the Silver Surfer one though too!

Ultra Fem said...

ROM SpaceKnight rules!


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