Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Picture Socks

Dammit, even socks weren't safe. I'm not sure why you need an image of a couple enjoying a romantic "love walk" on your inner thigh but apparently somebody assumed the public was screaming for this.

The socks in #2 look like those funky skies in those late 60s Rocket Robin Hood/Spider-man cartoons, totally freaky.


alphacentaurian said...

I agree with that ascertation of no. 2, but sock 1 from set 2 seems to be from the Ralph Bashki Lord of the Rings cartoon.

I bet these things, slightly modified, would sell like wildfire on the net these days.

lisa said...


Wings1295 said...

I don't recall ever seeing socks like these!

wee67 said...

I think you need to catch yourself and ask, "Have I really sank so low that I'm knocking off Ziggy?" (see sock #1)

John III said...

Those are hideous...and I...can't..look away!

blueroc85 said...

As far as scary fashion choices go ....I think these just beat day glo green and pink socks from the 80's! (I had a pair of each color)


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