Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Save Frightenstein Contest

Yesterday Critical Mass releasing issued a statement over at saying that the show's broadcast rights are set to expire Dec 31 2009 and so far, no one has picked them up for 2010, meaning the show would go off the air completely.

Being a fan of this Canadian institution, I don't want to live in a Frightenstein-less 2010. Critical Mass is calling to fans to help by contacting any of the following stations and expressing how you want to see Frightenstein remain on the air:

Stations you can direct e-mails to are:

CHCH -TV (where it all started)

Teletoon Retro

CBC ( go to their contact page to fill out and send located at)

CTV (Specialty stations Space, TV LAnd, MTV)

Corus (YTV and the new owners of Drive In Classics )

I wrote emails to CHCH (because it was created there) and ctv to please keep the Count, Igor and Brucie on TV. I
f you're willing to help out, I'm holding a special contest. Every person who writes at least one email to one station about Frightenstein can send me an email and next Sunday I'll do a drawing, first prize winner gets a copy of the latest DVD "Hilarious House of Frightenstein: Bats, Bones and Creepy Poems starring Vincent Price".

Two other folks will recieve prize packs filled with PlaidStallions goodies. So please, please, please help me keep a classic series on the air! Thanks for reading!

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