Friday, March 21, 2008

Space Theme Retro Playground Equipment Part 2

space theme playground equipment

Our last piece on retro playground equipment was a big hit so I unearthered a few more robots, rocket ships and flying saucers made of "pipe n' concrete" for your enjoyment. Check out Retro Space Playgrounds Part 2.

space theme playground equipment


JFStan said...

Giant robot playground?? Oh HAYULL yeah!! I want that NOW!! :)

chunky B said...

That Giganta Robot is freaking awesome!

Anonymous said...

Giganta is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen on a playground. For God's sake - you can climb into his head! How cool is that??? You can pretend he's eaten you, and go down into his stomach! Then you can escape via the arm chutes! If my playground had one of these, I would be there sun-up to sun-down.

But apparently, the awesomeness of Giganta is lost on one little girl: All the fun going on around her, and she chooses to enjoy Giganta by . . . sunning herself on his foot.

Anonymous said...

That Giganta robot slide looks freakin' cool! A kid could almost play X-Men with it and pretend it was a Sentinel.

I would also like to point out, a local elementary school I went to had a rocket slide just like the one in your first piece on retro playground equipment. But it's not there anymore.

Anonymous said...

Giganta looks cool...but I immediately remembered the original version of the film "The Wicker Man"

[Haven't seen the remake...the original is wonderful.]

wurwolf said...

Take it from me: the remake blows. The only way I've been able to watch it is through Rifftrax.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing, I'm so happy you found this. I played in one of these as a little girl! I actually googled "robot playground" to find it - thank you so much!


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