Friday, March 14, 2008

The 1980 Remco Catalog

1980 was a growing year for this offshoot of Azrak Hamway as they expanded their line of Super Hero action figures, reintroduced the Universal Monsters to 80's kids, while continuing to offer old favorites like Batman utility belts and KISS makeup. Check out the 1980 Remco Catalog here.

Remco Dracula Action Figure


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Arkonbey said...

Wow. The quality of those action figures is terrible, especially the hulk.

But them cool hulk muscles! How many of us put on our old shirts and told Mr. McGee he wouldn't like us when we were angry?

wurwolf said...

Azrak Hamway has got to be one of the most convoluted names for a toy company. Still, they did put out some cool toys. I totally love the Batmobile with Bat boat and trailer.

I also love the artist's rush job on the Enterprise toy. Was that done in blue ballpoint pen?

chunky B said...

Hahahaha Hulk Utility Belt with Hulk Decoder!

How you no understand Hulk, Hulk talk into decoder! Arrgh Hulk Smash!

chunky B said...

Hey isn't the gamma glow machine the same thing that imprisons the villains in the beginning of Superman?

Look out Spidey! It's a trap!

Anonymous said...

The Gamma Glow Machine looks like Spidey's in a hula hoop contest!

BTW, I think I have two of the three dolls in the catalog cover picture. You need to focus on more of the girl stuff too, Brian! :-)


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