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Colouring Book Theatre : Giant Apes

giant apes Colouring Book Three guesses as to what inspired this book. I'll give you a hint, it was a movie starring Jeff Bridges and King Kong.

This is by Treasure Books and has art by Dell Comics alumni Tony Tallarico (when have you ever seen credit in a colouring book?)

This is another from my childhood, I guess never threw much away. When these came out they were in a huge cardboard display featuring this striking cover artwork, I can't remember the other Giant Apes product but it was of a similiar ilk.

At $.69 this book is about twice the size of any other book I've reviewed here before and brother, there is some padding!

giant apes colouring book

The story begins with two nameless children getting a package containing cameras and plane tickets from their Uncle Ted (who is kind of enough to give his name), they are invited to go on safari. We watch the kids get on the plane, get picked up, go to bed, wake up and then take pictures of ant eaters until an earth quake and volcano eruption reveal a village that Uncle Ted must save.

giant apes

The Villagers are terrified of the giant apes in the jungle and refuse to leave, even though it means certain death from the uncoming lava. Uncle Ted tries to convince them the legend is false but when a woman becomes trapped, a giant ape pops up and saves her! Even though it's a colouring book Tallarico's apes have a wonderful "Man in suit' quality about them.

The apes then save the village by blocking the volcanoe and go back into the jungle, a series of picture taking happens (you get two such montages). There is even a page of the apes sleeping. Here are the villagers, who appear to be of African/Hawaiian ancestry.

planet of the apes colouring book

After many brave rescues by the apes including one where they catch a plane in their hands, it's time for the no name children to go home. The gentle apes wave goodbye, making me wonder why the villagers were ever afraid of them? One has to give this book credit for depicting them as somewhat gentle.

Upon returning home and telling their surprisingly mundane story to their parents, our young heroes get their picture taken by a monkey! Now that is an ending worthy of O Henry.

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Speaking of Apes: If you're into all things simian, you should check out Hunter's Planet of the Apes Archive. He has tons of cool ape items for download like power records, comics and of course, Colouring books!
That's our "Brick's Pick" for the day, more 70's internet love to surely follow.

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hauntedheadful said...

The name Tony Tallarico leaps out at me and I know why.He also illustrated a dinosaur coloring book and a shark coloring book that I had as a kid.Smart fellow! As a child, my top 3 faves were dinosaurs,sharks and giant gorillas!I wonder if he got rich from his creations, because every kid I knew liked the same stuff!


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